8 weeks post op today…

Well that’s 8 weeks since Benny had his TPLO op… his recovery has been uneventful, though TBH, he’s not made as full a recovery as I might have hoped. He’s still limpy, when he gets up from rest, and has a slight limp when he’s out on his walks. On the plus side he’s managing the stairs, and is perfectly ambulent. He’s also very happy in himself.

I’ve just this minute been discussing his progress with my vet, and we’ve come to a couple of conclusions…. 1. his healing is slower than a normal dog because of his EPI. 2. he had 60% of his Meniscus removed because it was badly damaged, this has left the bones without the normal layed of padding a healthy joint would have. and 3. he’s most likely not going to be one of the lucky dogs that make a 100% recovery πŸ™ He’ll still lead a full life, but we will need to be constantly vigilant about his exercise, and any discomfort he may suffer. He’s still on pain meds, but they are reduced.

We are going to have him referred tomorrow for hydro, physio and accupuncture, to see if this will help his recovery… bottom line though, he’s a big happy boy and that’s what matters πŸ™‚

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