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79% of Dog Owners Prefer Fakes at Christmas

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79% Of Dog Owners Turn To Artificial Trees To Prevent Injuries

The word Christmas brings up a host of emotions and picture memories – presents, an abundance of chocolate, left over food, the perfect tree. This might sound like your average family Christmas but for dogs and their owners it can be an extremely hazardous environment.

A recent survey carried out by Churchill Pet Insurance and dog rehoming website has revealed Christmas has led to more than 79% of dog owners admitting they now prefer to put up a fake tree to avoid potential dangers for their dogs.

Almost half of those that did favour a real Christmas tree reported that their dog had been injured at least once by pine needles, mostly when they become lodged in the dog’s paw.

45% of dog owners we spoke to admitted their dog has been involved in or caused an accident in the kitchen on Christmas day. Crowded kitchens and the extra food coupled with the excitement of Christmas dinner make the kitchen a dangerous environment for curious dogs!

But the kitchen isn’t the only cause for concern during Christmas. 81% percent of dog owners that participated in the survey reported that their dog had destroyed at least one Christmas present.

Adam Whiteley, Head of Churchill Pet Insurance, said: “It’s no surprise so many owners like to treat their four-legged friends as much as the rest of the family over the festive season. We’re certainly a nation of dog-lovers. However, we want to raise awareness of the potential risks facing pets this Christmas. We’d advise pet owners to keep human goodies and other potentially hazardous items well out of the reach of their hungry and inquisitive four-legged friends, as treating pets for illness or injury can be very costly.

“We strongly recommend pet insurance being put in place to cover any unforeseen vet bills and to give owners peace of mind in the event of a pet needing veterinary treatment.”

Just under a third of participants reported that their dog had at one point, been injured or come to harm as a direct result of Christmas festivities. Alcohol and decorations were the main causes, while theobromine poisoning caused by chocolate consumption was a major worry. House guests leaving doors to off-limits rooms also posed a problem to cautious dog owners, with some reporting that canine escape attempts during the Christmas period were higher.

Top Five Christmas Hazards for Pets

1) Chocolate

2) Antifreeze on the ground

3) Pine needles

4) Glass decorations

5) Crowded kitchens

Dog Owner Festive Safety Tips

1) Dog owners with nervous pets should avoid using crackers in the presence of their dog.

2) Chocolate should be kept out of your dog’s reach.

3) Bins should be emptied regularly to prevent foraging.

4) Dogs should be provided with a calm area away from foot traffic to escape the hustle

and bustle.

5) Dogs should be banished from the kitchen when food is being cooked.

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