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7 Days or 28 Days: Who is Going to Pay For The Strays?

Whilst it is extremely noble of petitioners who are calling for dogs to be held for 28 days rather than 7 days, there are a few questions that need to be addressed.
The legislation relating to stray dogs is from the 1990’s so just how outdated is it?

Documentation IS available to the public, or at least it should be, it is called the Register of Seized Dogs and shows which dogs have been seized by a particular council. All councils have to keep this register by law.
If a person has let a dog stray because they no longer want the dog, what can the council do even if they know who the owner is yet they refuse to reclaim it? There is no requirement for a dog owner to claim their dog even if there was no charge before it would be handed back.
If a dog has been through the [...]

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