5 Packs of Nobby Travels Stories To Win

From Nobby Travels
‘Nobby Travels’ are pleased to offer K9 Magazine’s readers the chance to win 5 packs of Nobby Travels.

‘Nobby Travels’ by Darren & Julia Spence make perfect bedtime stories. They follow the adventures of a cheeky Chocolate Labrador, Nobby, who makes friends with various pedigree dogs as he travels to different places.
Each night the naughty puppy leaps through his magical dog-flap and arrives in exiting places where he meets new friends and visits amazing landmarks. After a tiring night out, he returns home, taking a souvenir from his trip, confusing his owners, only the readers know where he has been.
Nobby Travels Series 1 follows Nobby to Australia, France, Hollywood, Scotland and Wales, and is available to buy from www.nobbytravels.com and bookstores.
For your chance to win, please answer the following question when entering:
“What are the countries are named on the sign posts which Nobby runs past when you enter the […]

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