4,000 Concerned Pet Lovers Call for Puppy Farm Action

Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for Carmarthenshire Council to take action against the “horrendous” conditions in some puppy farms.

The Petition which has more than 4,000 names has been presented to the council. The calls came after the Y Byd as Bedwar programme on S4C exposed the horrendous conditions puppies were bred in at some farms in Carms.

Jan Gilmour who is organising the petition says CCC should stamp out the problem.


“Carmarthenshire is known as the puppy farm capital of the UK and that is a label no county wants when dogs are being kept in such horrendous conditions” she added.
“There are at least 90 licensed puppy farms in Carms – more than the rest of Wales put together. These dogs often die at a young age or have long-term health problems” she claimed.

Bitches are forced to breed when they are too young, or ill, or blind. Stud dogs are often killed afterwards – we’ve known some to be hanged or clubbed.

Carms head of public protection Philip Davies said:

“Carms has been in touch with a number of animal welfare organisations following the programme.
Council animal health officers visited the licensed dog breeding establishments featured in the programme and found no enforcement was necessary.

Once the petition is received it will be examined and the council will let the organiser know what is being done about it.

The council continues to work in partnership with Dogs Trust, local animal welfare rescue organisations, the RSPCA, local veterinary practitioners and the Assembly in raising standards among dog breeders through its membership of the Dyfed-Powys Companion Animal Welfare Forum”

Source: DogMagazine.net – the K9 Magazine blog

4,000 Concerned Pet Lovers Call for Puppy Farm Action

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