4 extremly tired dogs!

ok theyre knackered usualy they get 30-40 mins walk in the forst but they run up and down so prob cover more miles than me, but today as we had to sort the horses out we took them up the yard and theyre only allowed in our paddock, they were up there for 4 hours! but were resting in between.
my friend bouth her dogs up there as well and her lab gets a bit growly with other dogs whcich was good cos they all got put in their place they all enjoyed each other and all got on it was nice to see dogs running and playing together considring my dogs dont bother with any other dogs theyall did very well.

theyve had their tea and now al asleep, tomorrow its a walk on the beach to met my daughte riding her pony on the beach so should be another fun morning(but not the 4 hours back to the 30-40 mins)

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