Almost 1 Million Dogs Dress Up For Halloween

Forget the children this Halloween – for this year 10% of the UK’s 8.5m dogs will be getting into the Halloween spirit according to Saga Pet Insurance.

Whether it’s canine Krueger’s, devilish Dachshunds or Pekingese pumpkins, owners cannot get enough of dressing up their furry friends to celebrate.

Female dog lovers are much more likely to create a ghoulish Great Dane or a Vampire Vizla, as 22% say they dress their pets up for Halloween, compared to 16% of men.

Much like their female owners, it seems that dogs don’t like to wear the same scary outfit twice, as a fifth of dogs have more than one Halloween outfit to choose from, while one in seven have more than five hanging in their doggy wardrobes.

Dogs are certainly getting their paws on their owner’s cash, as Halloween outfits sets a fifth of owners’ back between £10 and £20, while one in eight say they spend up to £30. However, some owners can’t say no to their pooch’s puppy dog eyes when they see an outfit they like, as one in 17 say they will spend more than £30 on the perfect pumpkin outfit for their dog this year.

More than a quarter of over 50’s agree that dressed up dogs look very cute and one in ten will be digging out a Dracula outfit for Fido this week, however they are slightly more conservative with their spend to achieve that perfect Halloween look, spending on average £10.

Roger Ramsden, chief executive, Saga Services, commented: “Our research proves that pets certainly are one of the family, with one in ten dog owners saying that they dress their pets up so that they can feel included in the spooky festivities. I think it’s fair to say that dogs will have a hhhhhhoooowwling time this Halloween.”

For hellraising hounds comprehensive insurance cover from Saga provides many benefits this haunting season

· For anyone who gets too engrossed in their character and nibbles a trick or treater, there is up to £2 million third party liability cover available

· For any unfortunate pups silly enough to raid the trick or treat bounty, there is up to £5,000 for unexpected vets bills

· And if your paranormal pooch gets lost while out trick or treating with you there is up to £250 for advertising and reward costs.

* Pet market research conducted by Total Pet Publishing on behalf of Saga Pet Insurance in October 2013, surveying 1,230 pet owners.

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