‘Snorkey’ – A Dog’s Tale

I always slept on the bed; I was afforded an esteemed position in the hierarchy of the house. They subconsciously knew that I was in charge, but never admitted it, that would be a ridiculous thing to do, wouldn’t it?

Last night followed the same pattern as the previous ones. I would start off sleeping on the floor, get slightly restless, and then jump on to the bed. This chain of events was much to their annoyance, as I am never the most considerate of animals, proceeding to trample across the pillows before finally settling in the bed beneath the sheets. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that life beneath the sheets is both warm and lacking in air, and that there is only a definite period of time you can spend down there. Thus after what they consider a short period of time, I would reappear and jump […]

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