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‘Carelessness’ Caused Dog to Die Slow, Agonising Death

A Bradford man has been sentenced to 16 weeks in jail after he left his dog locked in an unoccupied home.
Wajjid Hussain failed to prevent the unnecessary suffering of ‘Razor’, his Staffordshire bull terrier.
He received a three month prison term and was banned for life from keeping animals.
The RSPCA described the ordeal the dog would have endured as “shocking and heartbreaking cruelty”
RSPCA Inspector Dave Holgate: “This dog has undoubtedly endured a very slow and painful death. It’s simply unthinkable that anyone could ignore an animal’s needs to such a severe, tragic extent. Hopefully the sentence will send out a message that this kind of cruelty cannot and will not be tolerated.”
Hussein’s own lawyer claimed his client accepted that it was his ‘carlessness’ that had caused Razor to suffer unnecessarily.
“He turned a blind eye and that’s where the guilt lies. One of the first things he said to me was ‘I’m [...]

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