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K9 Magazine empowers it readers with the knowledge to get maximum enjoyment from their passion for dogs.

K9 Magazine

Written with every aspect of dog ownership in mind, K9 Magazine delivers highly interesting and resourceful canine content for every type of dog owner, from the casual dog lover to the seasoned canine professional.
Editorial is managed by the same team of feature writers and content providers who make the Total Pet Publishing Network the largest dog information service in Europe.

K9 Magazine’s own team of feature writers and content specialists combined with the editorial provided by canine experts such as dog behaviorists, vets, breeders, groomers, dieticians, professional trainers, handlers and other dog specialists, make K9 Magazine a publication that no dog lover wants to be without.

K9 Magazine Quick Facts

K9 Magazine is the ONLY publication that is marketed via all of the Total Pet Publishing network of web channels
K9 Magazine is the ONLY magazine that is able to interact with its readers via the Total Pet Publishing web network and partnered web sites such as DogAdvice.co.uk, DogNews.co.uk and PetFriendlyWorld.com
K9 Magazine is the ONLY magazine that is edited almost entirely on the editorial feedback suggestions of its readers
K9 Magazine is a digital, fully interactive title featuring videos and engaging full length content

…K9 Magazine Content…
Responsible Dog Ownership Issues
High quality dog info aimed at the pet dog owner
Unique, innovative K9 Magazine features and articles
Pet product reviews and profiles
Celebrity dog owners and breed profiles
Reader interaction via the Total Pet Publishing Network
The U.K. Dog Service Directory

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